Saturday, March 21, 2009


IT TAKES EFFORT to improve air quality in the home or office. Several factors come into play for one to enjoy clean air and to upkeep air quality indoors.

In this modern gadgetry world, one cannot live without vaccum cleaners, air conditioners, air filters and even air purifiers. However, these units themselves have become culprits of "ill-air". In addition, molds and allergies have become resultants by "poor use" procedures.

START TODAY. Choose to have nothing, but pure, clean air inside of our homes and offices. This is not just for your personal sake, but for the better health of your family, or even employees . Allergy, asthma, sinus, other cold-like and related illnesses can all be affected by air quality..

Here are a few ways to make sure your in door air quality stays clean and healthy.

(1) No smoking indoors.
Smoke outside and away from other people. Smoking in-doors is not at all healthy to
all those near the smoker. Remember, smoking is both nealth and a fire hazard.

(2) In-door fireplace .
Including wood stoves, both do release tiny particles into the air besides diluting air
quality with smoke. These invaders of air are invaders of our lungs. Try not to use a wood
burning fireplace or stove. It is better not to.

(3) Open the windows.
Allow for in-coming fresh air to push out or dilute old stale air. Encourage air circulation.
As often as possible, especially after the rain or shower, when you smell the freshness of
air outside, open all windows and doors to allow air exchange and to rid built up fumes.

(4) Stop stirring dust.
Feather dusters or dry rags stir dust into the air. Use damp rags to dust. Not a feather
duster or dry cloth. Damp rags helps to spread and adhere the dust to surfaces. Dry rags
lift dusts into the air. The best is suction of dust from as many tops and surfaces into water.

(5) Vacuum cleaners are cloaked culprits.
They only appear to cean off dust and particles off the floor and surfaces into the filter bags.
True, as it is, little noticed is the emission of finest dust and bacteria via the exhaust, it's
ventilator. It is the same of air conditioners, air filters and air purifiers. They all have paper
and clothe made bags or filters. These porous filters at both the inlets and exhaust vents,
accumulate dirt and dusts that help breed bacteria. This are expelled in the air all the time.
It is the same, with car air-condititioners.

(6) Clean regularly.
This must be a daily routine at home or in office. To keep in-door air clean, mop the floors.
Do not sweep. Sweeping kicks the finest of dust into the air. They stay afloat, and finally
settle in our lungs as we breathe or on top of picture frames, curtains, decorative items,
and all other places.

(7) Toxic cleaners.
Toxic cleaners promise to deliver cleanliness only. It's damage to health is never cautioned.
They are toxic, these highly chemical based cleaners and are irritants to eyes, nose and skin.
Besides that, upon being flushed or drained out of the office or house, they begin to damage
the worldly environment around us. They are mostly not eco-friendly.

More can be said. Atention to above items 4,5,and 6 means a lot.
See elsewhere the RAINBOW machine story. My use, experiences and teaching
100's of families to own and use speaks volumes.

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